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Powers of Attorney & Court of Protection Assistance

What would happen to your assets and who would pay your bills if you were to lose mental capacity? 

Planning for the future is key to the advice and services we provide and Lasting Powers of Attorney are strongly recommended to all our clients. Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are the legal and recommended way to put in place suitable measures to protect your assets during your lifetime. 


In the event of the loss of mental capacity without adequate provision having been made, your affairs cannot be administered on your behalf and even assets in joint accounts may become locked until a costly and sometimes lengthy application to the Court of Protection for an Order to be made. 

Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable in this problematic area, and are able to provide cost-effective solutions to you.

Where adequate provision has not been made by way of Power of Attorney, and a person suffers from the onset of mental incapacity, it is likely that an application to the Court of Protection will be necessary. 

The application will ask for a Court Order to be made authorising another person to deal with the incapacitated person's property and financial affairs. 

Our expert team can guide you through this difficult and lengthy process, and in many cases take on the role of Deputy for our clients where they are unable to manage their affairs for themselves. 

There may be other circumstances in which an application to the Court of Protection becomes necessary, including selling a property, making a Will on behalf of a person who lacks mental capacity to do so, and the appointment of additional trustees. Our team of lawyers are able to assist you through these complex and difficult processes to achieve the objectives sought as soon as possible. 

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We are committed to transparency in our prices, for more details of our pricing structures, potential additional costs and disbursements, please visit our 

Price Transparency page.

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If you need to set up Powers of Attorney or require Court of Protection assistance, we can help! Please complete our CONTACT US form or call us on 01200 44 43 21 to arrange an appointment for an initial consultation to discuss matters. 

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