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Housing Law is becoming increasingly important in society today – with more people renting, increasing pressure being put upon landlords by their own lenders, and more mortgage companies than ever seeking possession of properties.



Tenants can require assistance for number of reasons ranging from disrepair to wrongful eviction. We are aware that many problems arise in a rental situation due to an inability to pay the rent – be it down to losing a job or issues with housing benefit.


We are able to assist many people in dealing with the problems that arise in their rental situation and in may cases can avert court action. Where court proceedings are inevitable we aim to ensure that the judge hears your side and where possible to reach feasible and amicable settlements with your landlord to allow you to remain in your home.




In addition to helping tenants at Steele & Son we are fully geared to seek possession of properties for landlords. Most cases arise due to rental arrears and we are able to assist landlords recover their properties either by negotiating a surrender of the tenancy or by the issue of court proceedings. Sometimes a letter is all you need!


Home Owners


In the current financial climate mortgage and secured loan companies are more keen than ever to make sure that they recover money – and will follow through to repossession proceedings if necessary.


We act for home-owners seeking advice when they fall into arrears, or when the bank has issued court proceedings. We can assist clients in negotiations with their lenders, ensure the lenders adhere to the governments Pre-Action Protocol and in certain cases assist clients in their application for money from a number of government schemes to help them avoid repossession.


We are able to assist certain clients even after the courts have ordered that they give up possession of their home. It is possible to obtain a suspension to those orders where a home owner can demonstrate that they can repay the arrears on their account within a reasonable time.

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Price Transparency

We are committed to transparency in our prices, for more details of our pricing structures, potential additional costs and disbursements, please visit our 

Price Transparency page.

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If you are a Landlord or a Tenant and need advice relating to a rental property, we can help!

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Clitheroe Office:

Castlegate, Clitheroe BB7 1AZ

Telephone: 01200 444321 


Barnoldswick Office:

Station Chambers, 16 Fernlea Avenue

Barnoldswick BB18 5DP

Telephone: 01282 813385


ICO Registration No: Z4723798

VAT Registration No: 325 906 651

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