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Price Transparency

We are committed to transparency in our prices, for more details of our pricing structures, potential additional costs and disbursements, please visit our Price Transparency page.

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For many businesses credit control can be a real problem, especially if the monies owed are relatively small. With a view to helping our clients, we at Steele & Son…

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In increasing cases, disputes between commercial enterprises are unable to be resolved without legal assistance. At Steele & Son we are able……

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The Steele & Son Employment department have experience in all aspects of  Employment Law. We represent a number of local firms and deal with day to…

Debt Collection

Dispute Resolution

Employment Law Advice

Landlord & Tenant

As well as assisting residential landlords we are able to help commercial landlords with tenant problems. Be it a failure to pay the rent or using the property…

Clitheroe Office:

Castlegate, Clitheroe BB7 1AZ

Telephone: 01200 444321 


Barnoldswick Office:

Station Chambers, 16 Fernlea Avenue

Barnoldswick BB18 5DP

Telephone: 01282 813385

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ICO Registration No: Z4723798

VAT Registration No: 325 906 651

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