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Landlord, Tenant & Commercial disputes | Property & boundary issues

Please use our call back request form which can be found on our contact page or by clicking here. Simply add your details, select the service you are interested in and press send. We will then ensure a relevent member of our teams get back to you at the earliest opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you.

Legal services to businesses and individuals throughout the Ribble Valley and Pendle.


Clitheroe: 01200 444321  |  Barnoldswick: 01282 813385  |  Email: click to send email

Unfortunately, disputes of all kinds can arise in your business or personal life.  We will try to assist in securing the best possible outcome with as little expense and anxiety as possible.  It is particularly important to seek an early resolution to disputes without the confrontation involved in Court proceedings (where possible) and we will review the options available for you for alternative dispute resolutions, including mediation and negotiation.  Where necessary, we will act on your behalf in Court proceedings.


The types of work with which we can help include:


Landlord and Tenant disputes  



Debt collection



Commercial disputes



Neighbour disputes



Property and boundary issues



One of our solicitors will be happy to meet you to discuss your problems and to try to achieve the best solution.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Any questions?

We are pleased to respond to customer enquires for quotations and also answer any questions you may have. 


Clitheroe Office: 01200 444321                  

Barnoldswick Office: 01282 813385

Email address:

Request a callback


Whenever possible we offer a ‘fixed-fee’ as set out below.

These costs only apply where your claim relates to an unpaid invoice which is not disputed, and enforcement action is not required. If the invoice is disputed, our fixed costs will not apply but we will give you an estimate of the likely costs of pursuing the matter on your behalf, with an explanation of those costs.


Fixed Fee Charges


Stage 1 – Letter of Claim

£50.00 plus VAT

Our letters of claim will normally demand payment of the outstanding debt within 7 days.


Stage 2 – Issuing County Court Claim Form

Debt                                         Court Fee               Our Fee

Up to £300.00                        £35.00                    £65.00 plus vat.

Up to £500.00                        £50.00                    £75.00 plus vat.

£500.00 - £1,000.00              £70.00                    £125.00 plus vat.

£1,000.00 - £1,500.00           £80.00                    £150.00 plus vat.

£1,500.00 - £3,000.00           £115.00                  £175.00 plus vat.

£3,000.00 - £5,000.00           £205.00                  £200.00 plus vat.

£5,000.00 - £10,000.00         £455.00                  £250.00 plus vat.

Over £10,000.00                    5% of the claim     £300.00 plus vat.



Once the Court has issued the claim, the Defendant has a period of 14 days to file a Defence. If the Defendant files an Acknowledgment of Service, indicating an intention to defend the claim, this time limit is extended to 28 days.


Additional services if necessary

The prices stated below are for our legal fees, please note that related disbursements may also be payable for specific services, such as Court or process server fees.


Entering Judgment:

Up to £10,000.00 –  £50.00 plus vat.

Over £10,000.00 –   £75.00 plus vat.

An application is made to enter judgment immediately following the expiration of the time limit permitted for the filing of a Defence.


Enforcement of Judgment

Warrant of Execution – £75.00 plus vat.

Attachment of Earnings – £175.00 plus vat.

Third Party Debt Order – £275.00 plus vat.

Charging Order over property – £500.00 plus vat.


Anticipated disbursements

Court application fees –  £110.00

Representative’s fees- will depend upon hearing location

Timescale: A typical timescale for enforcing a judgment is 8 – 12 weeks.



Issuing a Statutory Demand – Winding Up /  Bankruptcy – £195.00 plus vat.


Anticipated disbursements

Process server fees are a minimum £125.00 plus vat.

Timescale: Once a statutory demand has been served upon the Debtor, the Debtor will have 21 days to make payment.


Bankruptcy Petition – £1500.00 plus vat.

Anticipated disbursements


Process server fees – £125.00 plus vat.



Court application fee – £280.00



Official Receiver Deposit – £990.00



Representative’s fees -will depend upon hearing location



Winding Up Petition – £1,500.00 plus vat.



Anticipated disbursements


Process server fees – £125.00 plus vat



Court application fee – £280.00



Official Receiver Deposit – £1600.00



Representative’s fees – Will depend upon hearing location



London Gazette Advertisement -£101.52 plus vat.



Timescale: A typical timescale for obtaining a bankruptcy order / winding up order is 8 – 12 weeks from the presentation of the petition.


A Fixed fee includes one attendance at Court and does not include court fees, process server fees, advertisement fees, Official Receiver fees, Land Registry fees, bailiff fees or barrister’s fees.


Before proceeding with a claim you should be aware that Interest and statutory compensation may take the debt into a higher banding (see above) which in turn may incur a higher cost. Disbursements such as Court fees will vary depending upon the value of the debt. Our fixed fees do not include providing you with advice in relation to your claim and merely cover the transactional process. The VAT element of our fees cannot be reclaimed from your debtor.

Debt Recovery Fees


(up to a maximum recovery claim of £100,000.00)


Additional services

You can use the quick links below to navigate our site and details of each service.

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Clitheroe Office:

Castlegate, Clitheroe BB7 1AZ

Telephone: 01200 444321 


Barnoldswick Office:

Station Chambers, 16 Fernlea Avenue

Barnoldswick BB18 5DP

Telephone: 01282 813385


ICO Registration No: Z4723798

VAT Registration No: 325 906 651

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